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ReefWatches.com gladly accepts payments for purchases in the form of credit card, personal check, money order, cashier's check, certified bank check or wire transfer.

ReefWatches.com offers Paypal as an alternative easy payment method. We will only ship to confirmed ship to Paypal addresses. Promotion codes must be entered in our checkout form before clicking on the PayPal icon. Since your Paypal password should remain private, we are unable to take phone orders on your behalf when using the Paypal payment method.

Credit Card
ReefWatches.com accepts the following credit cards for payment:

    American Express

Standard Written Check and Money Orders (Sent through the mail)
ReefWatches.com also accepts personal checks, business checks, money orders, cashier's checks, or certified bank checks denominated in U.S. dollars as payment for all orders. Checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank and have the customer's name and address imprinted on the check front, with a valid nine-digit bank routing number (ABA code) located at the bottom of the check. "Temporary" or counter checks are not acceptable. Please make your check payable to ReefWatches.com and mail to:

Please Note:
If you pay by personal check, business check, money order, cashier's check, or certified bank check, your order will be delayed since we must wait for receipt of the check and for the funds to clear before we can ship your merchandise. If you reside in the United States, paying by any of the above methods typically delays your order about 15 business days after our receipt of your check. Dishonored checks will be assessed a fee of $20.00 or the maximum allowed by law.

By sending your personal check, please be aware that you are authorizing our company to use information on your check to make a one-time electronic debit from your account at the financial institution indicated on your check no additional amount will be added to the original authorized amount.

Wire Transfer
ReefWatches.com accepts direct wire transfers for both domestic and international orders. Wire transfers allow for expedited treatment of your order by reducing the waiting period applicable to "paper pay-methods" such as personal checks and money orders. In addition, by choosing to pay via wire transfer, you will save up to 2% of your purchase price by eliminating clearinghouse charges. To place your order via wire transfer, please call us at Email: uk.reeftiger@gmail.com Or Phone:(+1) 657-363-6179

International Payments
We currently accept international credit cards. We do prefer payment by Paypal as this will help expedite the verification process. Please view our checkout page to see the current active countries. We are expanding our international business and will frequently update the site with new countries. If you don't see your country provided as a valid shipping option on our site, please feel free to send us a recommendation by sending us an email at uk.reeftiger@gmail.com or call us at (+1) 657-363-6179. International orders paid by Credit Card must be above our $200 threshold in order to accommodate our reviewal process. All duties and taxes are the responsibility of the International customer. Any international package refusals will result in a 15% restocking fee.

Stress-Free Payments
ReefWatches.com Our Stress-Free Payment Plan makes it easier to get the things you want. Let's say you see something you would really like to buy. Maybe it's a new style that is selling out fast or maybe it's just the product you wanted at a price that is too good to pass up. But let's also say that, for whatever reason, now is not a great time for you to pay in full for the item you desire. That's where our Stress-Free Payment Plan comes in. The ReefWatches.com Stress-Free Payment Plan lets you purchase your item today for a small down payment and then lets you pay for the remainder of the balance over time. Our Stress-Free Payment Plan is an easy, finance-free, 0% interest monthly payment plan.

During checkout, if your item is eligible for Stress-Free payments you may choose this option. Once the order is placed, shipping, tax, and the initial payments will be collected. The remaining balance is then automatically billed to your credit card in equal monthly payments starting the day the order was placed. Some Stress-Free payment orders will stay pending until credit approval via a credit check. Customer support may contact customers for additional information if required. A schedule of payments on the designated dates will arrive on the web confirmation page and in your email receipt. Please keep this for future reference.

IMPORTANT COLLECTION INFORMATION:You grant ReefWatches.com a purchase money security interest in any item you purchase using Stress-Free Payments. In the event of non-compliance with the Stress-Free payment terms or fraudulent use of funds, ReefWatches.com reserves all rights to take legal action to recover full payment. For more information regarding collections and Stress-Free payment inquiries please contact the Customer Service Department at (+1) 657-363-6179 or email us at uk.reeftiger@gmail.com. Stress-Free payments can only be used in conjunction with a valid credit card issued from a US bank. Gift cards, pre-paid credit cards, and some order level promotions cannot be used in conjunction with Stress-Free payments. Items purchased with Stress-Free payments are NOT eligible for price matches. For orders placed with our Stress-Free Payment option, if your credit card expires within the payment cycle you will be charged the full remaining amount in the payment prior to expiration. To keep your original payment cycle you must contact us with a credit card with a valid expiration date 45 days prior to your current expiration date. NOTE: Only valid credit cards (debit cards are not eligible) can be used for Stress Free Payments. Orders shipping outside of the continental United States are not eligible for Stress Free Payments and must be paid in full.

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