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Aftermarket Warranty Policy

reef tiger watches offer you two years of free warranty service, warranty period commences from the date of purchase of the product. Problems within the warranty period or non-warranty full range, Reef Tiger Online Shop Enjoy Reef Tiger professional watchmaker offers repair and maintenance services in accordance with the standard charge.

The point of repair costs for products returned postage borne by the consumer.

Product warranty card and receipt for the warranty basis, please keep, do not lose.

The following situations are not Reef Tiger free warranty service and refund the compensation range:

1, the exterior parts (case, metal strap, glass, clasp, crown, back, front ring) normal wear and aging (such as: surface scratches, color fade);

2, non-metallic strap (such as leather strap, strap plastic fiber woven strap) color, decay of materials;

3, warranty foreign plating wear and fall off;

4, Case surface due to contact with corrosive gases or chemicals cause corrosion;

5, non-normal and proper use (impact, percussion, extrusion, surface damage and other), resulting in unused instructions follow Reef Tiger watch watch any part of the damage;

6, by any person without the authorization of the dismantled Reef Tiger ever watch (such as battery replacement, maintenance services and repairs);

7, the economic losses due to timing error Reef Tiger watches or other losses caused by

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